It’s time for Pre-Season football, so here is my review of a movie instead.


If you are planning on going to see Suicide Squad don’t read the following…unless you are going to see it then maybe read the following. (huh?)

We just got back from DC’s Suicide Squad. From the previews I was VERY excited to see this movie. Looked like a great cast and fun characters.
Good backstories on the characters, (although it dragged a bit) great portrayals of them and soooo much potential.
However, it never really took off, and the villain was all wrong. I expected them to go after some Dr Evil type with henchman they could beat up and shoot. I wanted to see Deadshot up in a tower supporting the team much like Hawkeye does for the Avengers. Unfortunately the villain was The Enchantress. You can’t fight a witch with a baseball bat and bullets. They needed to call Dr. Venkman and Egon.
Joker was great and in the movie just enough to tease us into hoping to see him and Harley in their own flick.
Also nice tie-ins with continuing from the end of BvS, an appearance from Batfleck and Erza “I can run really fast” Miller.

You have to really love comics to enjoy this movie and even then you might be left wanting more.

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It’s Halftime!

Year after year I have complained about the halftime show at the Superbowl.  I whinned about the pop princesses performing (nice alliteration, eh?) and the over the top productions. This year, once again it was a spectacle to behold. Katy Perry riding out on some giant golden lion (perhaps if we built a large wooden badger) and a bevy of dancers including dancing sharks and beach balls. I tried hard not to enjoy it. Where were the marching bands? What about Up With People? Aren’t they still around?

I fumed, vented on social media and then after a couple days I thought about all the work that went into the production. In just a few minutes they had one of the coolest stages I have ever seen up and running without a hitch. It seemed to make the floor fall away beneath them and the dancers carefully stayed on stable blocks so as not to “fall” into the apparent abyss. How may engineers, software developers and others did it take to put this together? How many hours did they practice making sure it would all work? Wow, a lot of college degrees went into this show. Never mind the bubblegum pop music that really doesn’t appeal to the average NFL fan. This was a hell of a show! I don’t think Up With People could have pulled this off in 1982 at the Silverdome.

Then I looked back at the previous years shows. Starting in 1970 with Superbowl IV they have had some popular star perform. That year it was Carol Channing.  Now no one would think that she was synonymous with football. No, even then the NFL was trying to appeal to a larger audience.

Hey, I get it. Every company wants to expand their customer base. I don’t see Katy Perry fans spending the kind of money on the NFL that your average 45 year old guy does, but they have to start somewhere. However, the NFL is a multi-billion dollar industry that has more weekly television viewers than just about anything, except maybe The Walking Dead. I don’t begrudge anyone for wanting more customers, but seriously? The NFL trying to expand it’s fan base is like Microsoft saying they need to have their software on more PC’s.

So, I will try to stop grumbling about the half time show. I do have a couple suggestions though. To start the game, have some military singers do the national anthem. They will show it the respect it deserves. My suggestion for the half time show? Keep all the production and music, just have a good old college marching band come onto the field at the end. Just think if this year would have ended with the Ohio State marching band spelling out BOOBIES while Katy Perry sang her last song.

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Looking back on the year

Everyone likes to reflect on the past year on New Years Eve. As a fan of the Miami Dolphins I thought it would be a good idea to look back on the season that just ended. It was another disappointing year of football since the Dolphins are not in the post season, again. Starting the year off with a huge win against the Patriots gave us all hope that this would be “the year”. How many times have fans said that about their teams? We lost close games to Green Bay and Detroit that could have just as easily been wins. A few small mistakes kept us out of the playoffs.

Really? Just a few small mistakes? 8-8 usually means your team is average. Well, let’s look at the team. premium domains We had the #2 ranked defense for the better part of the year. However injuries hurt us along with…not really sure what happened. We have Cameron Wake and Brent Grimes in the Pro Bowl this year. The rest of the Defense needs to try to play at that level ALL SEASON! Now the offense. We lost Knowshon Moreno early in the year so there goes our running game. Wrong! Lamar Miller stepped it up in a big way! He ended the year with 1099 yards including an amazing 97 yard TD run in the last game. OK, lets talk about the passing game. Ryan Tannehill didn’t start off so great, but then he had a little sit down with Dan Marino and things turned around. He just broke Dan’s completion record for the Dolphins and threw for 4045 yards. That puts him at #11 in the NFL for yards this season. It is also the first time ever the Dolphins had a 4000+ yard passer AND a 1000+ yard rusher. hosting information  Mike Wallace finally had some big catches, but with his inconsistency and other problems it might be the last season for him with the Phins. Besides, rookie Jarvis Landry had a great year with 84 receptions.  So how is it with a retooled offensive line (Mike Pouncey even had to move from Center to Right Guard) the Dolphins managed so much offense? Give them a solid off season and I think we will see a top 5 offense in 2015.

So, the bottom line is the Miami Dolphins made some big improvements. I believe they finally have their franchise quarterback and the defense is getting back to where it needs to be. Head Coach Joe Philbin was given the green light for another year but I think if he misses the playoffs again it will be his last. I think Stephen Ross didn’t want to rock the boat given there were some big leaps made. Yes, 8-8 is a disappointment, but not as bad when you can look at your QB and be confident….finally.

See you next season!

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Week 3 Power Rankings

Everyone else is doing it so why not me?

1. Denver Broncos 2-1 – Peyton Manning has the skills to get it done. He has proven it many times. Yes, they just got beat by the Seahawks, but it wasn’t the bloodbath that the Superbowl was.

2. Seattle Seahawks 2-1 – Still a great team, but Peyton Manning has them figured out now. domain mentions . He won’t lose next time.

3. Philadelphia Eagles 3-0 – Chip Kelly will get this team there, if not this year then next. Why didn’t I put them #1? Peyton Manning

4. Cinncinati Bengals 3-0 – Why not #1? Peyton Manning.

5. Buffalo Bills  2-1 – Defense

6. San Diego Chargers 2-1 – Philip Rivers and it’s finally their turn.

7. Chicago Bears 2-1 – Jay Cutler is playing great and the defense is making some great plays. They aren’t the 85 Bears yet, but Jay should try out some Jim McMahon sunglasses.

8. Indianapolis Colts 1-2 – Why do I put a 1-2 team so high? Yeah, I am finally on the Andrew Luck bandwagon. It’s a nice bandwagon. Kergodaroddesc They have cookies.

9. New York Jets 1-2 – Just kidding

9. New York Giants 1-2 – Eli is getting the new offense going and they always start slow out of the gate. Besides, I haven’t heard anyone calling for Tom Coughlin’s job yet!

10. Atlanta Falcons 2-1 – They have been good every year, oh except that one year.

11. Carolina Panthers 2-1 – Inconsistent play from everyone so they don’t crack the top 10. However they will make the playoffs.

12. Baltimore Ravens 2-1 – Good defense and adequate QB play will get them to the playoffs again.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-1 – No good reason to put them here other than the fact that I can’t put the Patriots this high.

14. Detroit Lions 2-1 – They have some great weapons. The Packers and Vikings are out of it already so they only have to contend with the Bears.

15. Dallas Cowboys 2-1 – How are they 2-1? Oh well, that puts them here.

16. New England Patriots 2-1 – How are they 2-1? They got beat up by the Miami Dolphins in their week one loss and barely beat the Raiders.

I can’t continue this list because the rest of the teams suck. The Jets are the Jets. They will forever be on the brink of almost getting it done. The Dolphins are too frustrating to talk about and as for the other 1-2 teams they all have issues that could see them going either way. hotel comparison Well, except for the Vikings. I think the loss of Adrian Peterson will be too much to recover from this year.

The Jaguars and Bucs are going to battle for the #1 draft pick.

Tune in next week when I don’t do power rankings.

DFO Radio Show coming back. Sunday Mornings while you are having coffee and skipping church services. Hopefully will have the ability to take calls in a couple weeks. STAY TUNED!

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Love In An Elevator

I woke up this morning to more news about the Ray Rice scandal. Yes, scandal. It was an “incident” but now it has become a “scandal”.  The issue is the video from inside the elevator. TMZ released it on Monday morning and since then Ray Rice was cut from the Ravens and the NFL suspended him indefinitely. This all happened AFTER he was already punished by being suspended for 2 games. Comapentaifep . whois directory The NFL and Ravens claim they never saw the video. (I will refer to it as a video despite everyone calling it a tape. This just shows the age of all the media reporting the story.)

Now the question is, how did TMZ get the video and the NFL didn’t? If it is such damning evidence shouldn’t the NFL waited until they saw it to hand out punishment? But now this morning a story has come out that they DID indeed have the video.  Now there is an independent investigation with a former FBI member, women’s organizations calling for Roger Goodell to resign and everyone is asking how this could have happened.

The bottom line is how long will Roger Goodell last? Remember what he said to Sean Payton about the bounty scandal with the Saints? He said ignorance was not an excuse.

Going down!

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Get out the “Jump to Conclusions Mat”

What a week for fans of the Miami Dolphins. After a sweet win last Thursday night things have gone from triumphant to disgraceful. Allegations of “bullying” and the media all over the story of Richie Incognito running Jonathan Martin off the team with his bad behavior.

Well now the rest of the team has come out and said they were the best of friends, Richie always had JM’s back and the racist voicemails were actually laughed about by Martin when he played them for team mates. All fun and games. Yeah, maybe he shouldn’t have used some of the language, but after listening to Cris Carter talk about the atmosphere in the locker room and later about his conversations with Dolphins players it makes you wonder if everyone, including the Miami Dolphins jumped to conclusions by condemning Richie Incognito.

I am not going to rehash what has been gone over time and time again the past several days, but I will share my experience working with harassment cases in the workplace. Every company has procedures in place for employees to follow in case of alleged harassment. They are told who to talk to, if they don’t feel comfortable talking to one person they are given others to go to. Basically every major company has an open door policy in regards to harassment to protect the employee but also to protect themselves from lawsuits. Now, if an employee has a legitimate problem but fails to follow the policy, they may be left on the outside and have no recourse.

I think we will find out in the coming weeks more details, but I suspect Jonathan Martin is more at fault than initially thought.

Well, there is a game Monday night and we need to get excited about getting another win!



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Football Starts Today!

Did it really ever end? It seems like the NFL season is a year round event but today we get to watch a game. Yes, it’s the Hall Of Fame Game and no we won’t get to see the starters much at all but it’s still Dolphins Football!

Actually, after watching the Phins on Hard Knocks last year I am much more interested in seeing the entire game tonight now that I know what the coaches are doing during these preseason games. It will be fun to watch the progress and see which players stick around over the next few weeks.

This all means Fantasy Football will be starting very soon. We will get our league together as usual. steam cloud I am determined NOT to draft Matt Schaub again this year. Let’s see if that actually happens. It seems like there are plenty of decent QBs available this season so I should be able to pass on him.

Speaking of Fantasy Football, the NFL Pro Bowl has been changed. They are having team captains (Jerry Rice and Deon Sanders) in charge of some sort of Fantasy Draft and AFC and NFC players will be on both teams. I am not sure what this will accomplish because they game will still be the same. Players don’t play hard because they don’t want to get hurt in a meaningless game. It won’t bring in more viewers because the NFL Pro Bowl is still the most watched “all star” game out of all the pro sports leagues. I think they should get rid of the game, still name players to the team, send them to Hawaii for a dinner and presentation then have them compete in a Madden tournament. Well, not sure about that last part.

In the meantime there is still baseball. I don’t think Casey and I will get our World Series with the Twins and Marlins this year…or any year soon. Both teams are languishing in mediocrity. However if you are a baseball fan you should check out The best baseball info on the web from HOF sportswriter (and former DFO Radio Show guest) Peter Gammons.

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Dolphins Fanatics Online

Just getting the hang of this wordpress stuff. The DFO Radio Show will be back soon so stay tuned! New site coming soon.

Vietnamese to English dictionary .

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